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Texans vs.Vikings: 3rd Quarter Open Thread

I'm convinced I'm cursed. Every time I praise someone in Rookie Review they decide to do dumb things the very next week. Posey dropping balls and committing penalties, Harris getting punked on a corner route, bad blocks, and missed opportunities. This is not Texans football. The only thing positive I take away from this game so far is that Adrian Peterson has been contained...ish. Christian Ponder, however, has looked like the second coming of Chad Henne out there. The Houston secondary has gotten beaten by comeback routes and crossing patterns over, and over, and over again. There really isn't anything complicated about the Vikings offense, and yet somehow the Texans very talented secondary is looking very, very mediocre. On the other side of the ball the Houston offensive line is getting absolutely mauled by the Vikings defensive front. Matt Schaub has barely any time to throw the ball, and even when he does have time Minnesota is dropping so many people into coverage that an open receiver is hard to come by. Overall, the Texans need one of their famous half-time identity switches to come out firing against a Minnesota team that is anything but an "easy win". Wade, do your thing.