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Colts Will Not Rest Starters Sunday Against Texans

Chuck Pagano puts the question of whether the Colts, locked into the fifth seed for the AFC Playoffs regardless of what happens in their Week 17 game against Houston, will play their starters on Sunday.

Both of these U alums will be active on Sunday.
Both of these U alums will be active on Sunday.
Bob Levey

Unlike their counterparts in Houston, the result of Sunday's game will not provide any playoff seeding ramifications for the Colts. They will be the fifth seed in the AFC Playoffs regardless of whether they beat the Texans or not. Some would say that lack of urgency should provide a returning Chuck Pagano with ample justification to rest his starters, or at least his more cagey veterans, in preparation for their wild card game next weekend. Pagano disagrees. He announced today that he will not rest his starters for Sunday's regular season finale against the Texans:

“It’s a 16 game season and this is the last game of the season,” Pagano said. “We set some goals for ourselves a long time ago and watching what this team has done in my absence for the last three months, at this point we owe it to ourselves, this community, our fans and our city. It’s just not in our DNA to go out and say we’re going to rest this guy or that guy.”

As Texans fans fully cognizant of what a loss on Sunday will do to the Texans' playoff seeding, I imagine that most of us wouldn't be very broken up about seeing Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne, and a handful of other stalwarts watching Sunday's game from the sideline. Doesn't look like that'll happen, so the Texans will have to beat a fully operational Colts squad if they want to earn that No. 1 seed in the AFC Playoffs. Any other reaction to the news out of Indianapolis this afternoon?