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Eight Houston Texans Named To Pro Bowl

You read that right. What kind of world are we living in when eight Houston Texans are selected to the Pro Bowl?

That man is a Pro Bowler.
That man is a Pro Bowler.

I'd argue that perhaps even the biggest Houston Texans homer around has to be surprised by the plethora of Texans on the AFC's Pro Bowl roster. Here's a link to the complete AFC Pro Bowl roster. Texans included and honored, along with my immediate reaction:

Andre Johnson: No-brainer.
Duane Brown: Also should have been a no-brainer, though I feared he could get overlooked. Brown is a stud.
Wade Smith: This makes no sense. None.
Chris Myers: Like Duane Brown, he completely deserves it. I thought he could get snubbed, so it's awesome to see him get the kudos he deserves.
Matt Schaub: I love Matt Schaub. Firmly believe he's much better than most give him credit for. In no way did I believe The Schaub was one of the three best QBs in the AFC this year. Another real head-scratcher.
Arian Foster: His YPC may be down, but Arian's still one of the best in the league. No doubt he was, and should, going to make this team.
J.J. Watt: Too good for the Pro Bowl. I believe Watt should be in a special Watt Bowl, where he simply stands in the middle of the field and we all applaud for three hours. Revelations in the midst of historic seasons demand that sort of treatment.
Johnathan Joseph: He has not had a Pro Bowl season, so I reckon this is more of a reputation pick than anything else. Nevertheless, J-Jo is still one of the best corners in the NFL when healthy, so he deserves the benefit of the doubt here.

Eight (8!) Houston Texans. Even coming from a 12-3 squad, that's amazing. Furthermore, there's a good chance Owen Daniels gets his number called in light of Heath Miller being unable to play due to injury.

In terms of snubs, I'd say Antonio Smith, Kareem Jackson, and Glover Quin have legitimate gripes. Yet with Wade Smith (still can't believe that), Matt Schaub, and Johnathan Joseph making the squad, it's hard to whine too much about any perceived lack of respect for the good guys.