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J.J. Watt: The Legend Grows

As amazing as he's been on the field for the Texans, J.J. Watt ratchets up the awesomeness with his actions on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day around Houston.

Scott Halleran

Jonathan Fosburgh got a FanShot up about this last night, but I wanted to make sure it got highlighted, as the new and improved placement of FanPosts and FanShots is not yet a reality.

On Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, J.J. Watt "...went to a children’s hospital, local fire stations, the tragedy-stricken Bellaire Police Department, even a random fan’s house. And he did it all alone, unannounced and with no media or publicity." I think my favorite part is how he decided to stop by said random fan's house:

Since Barron’s address was in Houston and he was already driving around, Watt decided it would be easy enough to drop off the gear to her in person. Without any advance notice, he proceeded to drive to her house and pull up outside the front yard.

Perhaps I've grown too cynical, but I have a hard time envisioning another athlete doing that. "Well, this complete stranger lives in Houston, and I'm already out and about, so why not just stop by?"

Andre Johnson's history of generosity is well documented, and he'll always be beloved in this town. Yet before he's completed his second season as a resident of Houston, J.J. Watt is already challenging every Houston athlete who's ever laced up for the home team(s) as Most Beloved Athlete of All Time.