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Which Proposed Name For The Houston NFL Franchise Did You Like Best?

Personally, I liked Apollos best.

Likes: Lively debate.  Dislikes: stubble.
Likes: Lively debate. Dislikes: stubble.

Our friends at Gillette, makers of the Fusion ProGlide -- which is only the bestest man-shaver in the whole whisker-removing universe -- agree with the late French moralist Joseph Joubert: "It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it."

To that end, they've team up with SB Nation and launched a six-week DEBATEATHONAGEDDON.

Each week, Gillette will pose a question similar to this week's: "Who Has The Best Nickname In The NFL?" Then we will take that question, filter it through the BRB-colored lens, and pose it to you, the fans of the greatest team in the world, to debate in the comments below.

This week's BRB version: Which of the five nicknames that were short-listed for this franchise -- Bobcats, Apollos, Texans, Stallions, or Toros -- did you like the best and why?