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Raiders v. Broncos: Thursday Night Open Thread

It's all about player safety. Except when we need Thursday games to boost revenue. Or whenever else it's not about player safety.


As I write this, I'm watching the college football award show. I'm betting that Collin Klein wins the Davey O'Brien over Johnny Manziel and some kid who plays QB for Ohio.

/pauses to hear announcement

...aaaaand I was wrong. Todd Blackledge just informed me that Johnny Manziel won, and a voiceover indicated that JFF was the first freshman to ever win the award. So, if you were wondering who is going to win the Heisman, you can probably stop wondering right now.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah...Thursday Night Football. Fivehead and the Broncos -- sans Joe Mays, because karma is a bizznatch -- head to the Black Hole to take on the hapless Raiders.

Why do we never describe a strong team as "hapful" or "hapladen" or "haptastic" or whatever? Weirdness.

Discuss the game here.