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BRB's Twitter And Facebook Accounts Are Not Just RSS Feeds Anymore

In an effort to provide more unintelligible rants original content to the BRB community, we're making a concerted effort to increase our activity on the official BRB Twitter (@battleredblog) and BRB Facebook (here's a link) pages. I'll be in charge of the Twitter happenings, and BFD has volunteered to helm the horrendous failure that is sure to be this site's increased Facebook activity.

Livers permitting, there will be exclusive new stuff (read: dumbarsery you don't get to see on the site) on both Twitter and Facebook each day (or most days, anyway). For example, I've taken to posing "Tonight's Texans Twitter Query" (#TTTQ) each evening and chatting with whoever responds, and I'm trying to make it a point to interact on Twitter throughout the workday as time permits as well.

So if you've got a Twitter or Facebook account, feel free to join the party by "following" or "friending" BRB. Additionally, several of your favorite BRB "staff members" have individual Twitter accounts, which I will reveal after the jump.

BFD: @bigfatdrunk
MDC: @BattleRedMDC
Rivers: @FO_RiversMcCown
TexansDC: @TexansDC
UprootedTexan: @UprootedTexan80
Vega: @rjvega31

Those guys are active on Twitter to varying degrees, but it's always worth reading anything they have to write when they write it. Unless it's not, in which case, really, what did you lose? A tweet takes maybe 2 seconds to read, and each one is a look inside the minds of the madmen who write here.

Similarly, if you've got a Twitter or Facebook account, share it in the Comments and/or send a message our way. The odds of hilarity are off the charts when it's 11 p.m. and we're too lazy to boot up our computers.