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Friday Factious Fun: Who Is The Second-Best Wide Receiver In Texans' History?

You may have gotten word that your Houston Texans are set to begin a campaign celebrating their tenth anniversary as an on-field NFL franchise. I say/make up "on-field" because the Texans were technically born on October 6, 1999 when Houston was awarded the NFL's 32nd franchise, and we all know how important semantics are around these parts.

As we trudge through the interminable offseason, that ten year anniversary ballyhoo provides us with an excellent excuse to take a look back at the various players who have passed through the home locker room at Reliant Stadium since 2002. And, let's face it: Things are slow in the NFL world at the moment, so we've got to talk Texans wherever we can find it. Thus, we give you the first edition of this exercise after the jump.

There's no debate who the best wide receiver in Texans' history is. Andre Johnson is the alpha and the omega. Deciding which player is the beta in the proverbial alphabet of Texans' wide receivers is considerably tougher.

The floor is yours. Who do you think was the second greatest WR in the history of the Houston Texans? Note that the question is "wide receiver," so other positions or players who played said other positions, no matter how accomplished as receiving options, are not eligible.

If you're having trouble recalling your Corey Bradfords and your Jabbar Gaffneys, here's a link to PFR's page on the Texans. A click on a particular season should point you in the right direction to the roster that year, so analyze the options to your heart's content and then sound off in the Comments.