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Battle Red Radio Returns! ...Next Monday

Myself, MDC, and special guest star Morlon Greenwood* will be live from various chairs across America to discuss MDC's passionate love affair with the linebacker and also, supposedly, this "offseason" the kids are talking about.

This thread has many aims. One of them is to solve UprootedTexan's mystery before he even gets to chapter three, but that really requires a lot more reading than I'd like. I'm guessing it has something to do with a butler though, because that's how all mysteries end.

So I guess the real purpose of this thread is to gather questions for this new enterprise as we wait out the start of the next season. Old rules apply: we'll probably discuss this Mario Williams cat and what he's going to do, and you can just visualize the tears down MDC's cheeks as it happens. Especially after I guess that he's going to the Chiefs.

But if you have questions for us, we will do our very best to answer them. Or dismiss them snidely**. Whichever reaction the question warrants.

Monday, February 27th, 9 PM CT. Be there. And send questions.

*-may actually be another BRB staff member that we haven't locked in yet.
**- Questions about how Kareem Jackson is improving, for instance. Or about Matt Turk's potential.