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We're Gettin' The Bag Back Together: The Return Of The Battle Red Bag

Uncle Bob applauds the return of the Battle Red Bag.
Uncle Bob applauds the return of the Battle Red Bag.

If you are reading this, then you are (by definition) the type of person who reads Battle Red Blog. If you've been engaging in said reading since last summer, you might also be the type of person who recalls a little weekly feature known as the Battle Red Bag. And, if you do recall the Bag, you likely also remember that it only functions if you and others like you send in questions.

After the jump, the details of the Bag await your curious eyes.

As I wrote when introducing the Bag last May:

Is that little voice in your head asking, "Who the hell would want to ask questions about the Texans every week? Isn't answering what questions a blog wants answered the purpose of the actual blog articles?" The voice raises a good point. We've thought about that. So, instead of merely having Texans-related questions in the bag, it will be open to more or less any topic.

No, seriously, you can e-mail about anything: beer, women, college course schedules, why Cookie Crisp is indisputably the best breakfast cereal (it is!), clarification of weightspeed calculations, rants about Amobi Okoye, paeans to Amobi Okoye, why Tim secretly loves Amobi Okoye, movies, music, bar-b-que, relationship advice (I have no idea why you would want to do this), hypothetical legal questions (this mailbag does not create a lawyer-client relationship yada yada yada), or anything else under the Sun.

Hell, you don't even have to e-mail questions only; feel free to e-mail observations as well.

All of that still holds true, though I should mention that "more or less any topic" does not include politics, nor does it include any question that can only be answered by posting a picture of boobs. So, you know, the usual rules still apply.

Assuming this sounds like the kind of thing you'd care to be a part of, email your question(s) to me at, preferably with "Mailbag" or "Bag" or something bag-related in the subject line. PLEASE DO NOT POST QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST, AT LEAST NOT IF YOU WANT THOSE QUESTIONS INCLUDED IN THE BATTLE RED BAG.

Hopefully, we'll roll this bad boy out some time on Friday. Whether the Bag is a weekly feature will depend primarily on the amount of questions received. Oh, and, in case you are new to this and want a couple examples of what the Battle Red Bag generally entails, here is some "highlight" reel footage:

Would Pulp Fiction have been better if John Travolta and Eric Stoltz had switched roles?

What would my perfect party be, given an unlimited budget?

How to arrange a threesome.

Why do zombies bite?