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Saturday Night Tunes: Now on a Saturday Night!

They love Saturday Night Tunes posts.
They love Saturday Night Tunes posts.

Hello, my BRB peeps. And here we have a new edition of Saturday night tunes, wherein I talk about my current top three bands, and you share with the group. It's kind of a music version of, "if I show you mine, will you show me yours?" Either way, I will not be wearing pants.

With formalities complete, let's hit the tunes after Van Halen performs Jump.

Did you watch the video? If not, you must go back and watch before moving forward. Go ahead. We'll wait.



Once again proving my tastes in music about how Nuke LaLoosh pitches, sorta all over the place, here are bfd's Top 3 most listened to bands over the past week.

3. deadmau5 - Pretty much their discography. When I went back to school a couple years ago, I started listening to a lot of electronica, especially drums and bass, for some unknown reason. After I graduamated, I kinda just stopped. The last couple of weeks have found me re-exploring this genre, and I've fallen in love with deadmau5. I mean, any band with a song called "Cthulhu Speaks" is a-OK by me.

2. The Roots - Undun. I mean, wow, any album that needs to be listened to in a specific order is tough enough to pull off, but this one seems to take it even a bit farther. Powerful, thoughtful, outstanding music.

3. Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Out of Frequency. AGT's first album, Fruit, is an absolute romp. If you need to listen to just one song to get a feel for it, it would be "The Golden Age." Out of Frequency is just a big "bite me" to common convention, and, unsurprisingly, I was hooked on the first listen. Not to sound too much like a hipster douchebag reviewer on Pitchfork, but this album thrives on its lack of give a poop. When you add in one of the most outstanding female vocalists around today, this album is chock full of kick-ass, an all-too-rare element.

Oh, and it's totally chick music.

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, "Heart Attack:"