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Rock The Vote: Where Will Peyton Manning Play Next Season?

With the current pay-that-$28,000,000.00-or-else deadline of March 8th creeping ever closer (though it could conceivably be pushed back by agreement of the parties), most pundits and fans seem to think it's a foregone conclusion that the Colts will part ways with Peyton Manning in the coming weeks. Some cling to the belief that the Colts will find a way for Peyton to stay in Indianapolis. What do you think? If you believe Peyton's played his last game as a Colt, where do you think he's playing next season? A poll awaits you beyond the jump.

While I respect the bejeezus out of Peyton Manning, I can't see the Colts keeping him. Assuming he is in fact able to play, any number of teams will (and should) be begging him to come to town. No, Houston will not be one of them. Nor should they be, despite the calls of the lunatic fringe.

I've listed a handful of potential landing spots for Peyton Manning next year in the poll below. Sound off and then tell us why you voted the way you did in the Comments. I'm interested to see what the current line of thinking is.