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Prioritize It: Rank The Importance Of The Moves The Texans Should Make This Offseason

As we sit here in early February, still weeks before free agency begins in earnest and 2.5 months (sigh) before the 2012 NFL Draft, weigh in with your thoughts as to how your Houston Texans should prioritize their offseason moves.

Is signing Chris Myers to a new contract more important than signing Mario Williams? Is inking Arian Foster to a long-term deal more important than coming to terms with Myers or Super Mario?

Is cutting Jacoby Jones the first move they should make? Or the second?

Is finding a wide receiver through free agency a bigger priority than finding one in the draft?

It's a pretty wide open discussion--as posts this time of year tend to be--so feel free to mix in other action items you believe should be addressed this offseason as well (e.g., signing Duane Brown to an extension, signing Matt Schaub to an extension, etc.). Sound off in the Comments.