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2012 BRB Mock Draft: Which Format Do You Prefer?

For the last few years, we've done a mock draft here on BRB. We've done it two ways:

1. A majority-rules, cast-your-vote poll for people to vote on who each team would take (e.g., like this); and

2. Assigning each team to a community member or members, with said individual(s) acting as pseudo-GM for their given team (e.g., like this).

As we ready ourselves for BRB's mocking of the 2012 NFL Draft, I'm here to ask you which format you'd prefer: The community poll for each pick, or having specific users acting as pseudo-GM for designated teams. In terms of simplicity, it's tough to beat the community poll model. On the other hand, it has its shortcomings. For example, trades are much easier to incorporate if we adopt the one-user-acts-as-GM model, though that format also assumes that the pseudo-GM has a solid grasp on the needs of his squad, which might be asking too much in a forum that's dominated by fans of the same team.

Personally, I enjoyed the non-poll version we used last year, but I am nothing if not a man of the people, so cast your vote below. Once we have this initial issue hashed out, we'll move on to other details, like who's representing each team, how many picks per day, how many rounds, etc.

If you've got any questions or concerns, kindly leave 'em in the Comments.