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Pre-Free Agency Open Thread

Now give me serious, Rick.  Perfect!
Now give me serious, Rick. Perfect!

Sub-title: Brett Favre Peyton Manning Watch 2012.

Free agency begins at 3pm CDT tomorrow (March 13). What might become of Mario Williams? Or Chris Myers? Or Mike Brisiel? Or Joel Dreessen? And when will we announce we've re-signed Chad Stanley, much to Our Dear Leader's pleasure? While we can't be assured of the flurry of activity that occurred last year, 2012's free agency period is sure to bring thrills, spills, and soiled britches. Hang with us here*, and we'll update the main page if anything important happens related to your Houston Texans. In the meantime, feel free to drop knowledge, thoughts, and rumors below.

* Whatever you do, stay away from the #Texans hashtag on Twitter. If I see one more person post Peyton Manning should come to the Texans, I'm going full Luddite. It'll be like back in the old days when I'd check the Internet on two rocks connected by a string, which is exactly how Prodigy was started.