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Texans Cut Lawrence Vickers

At least that's what PFT is reporting, "per league source." Assuming this is true, that would free about $1.5M in cap space, and it would also mean that your Houston Texans are fine with James Casey as the starting FB. (As well they should be.)

Losing Vickers is not a big deal, either in terms of cap savings (though every little bit helps) or in terms of on-field performance. Sure, it's probably not fair, but Vickers 2011 season is noteworthy to me only for the plays he didn't make (catch v. Raiders, lead block on goalline v. Bengals) than for any plays that he did. He came in billed as a homeless man's Vonta Leach, but he turned out to be closer to a poor man's Quinn Johnson. These things happen, and you simply cut the guy and move on. No hard feelings, Lawrence. Happy trials. Etc.

Keeping an eye on the bigger picture, though, does this move tell us anything? That depends on how much you're willing to read between the lines, I suppose. According to Lance Z,"the Texans are not close to a deal with Chris Myers or Mike Brisiel so I don't think Winston was cut in order to fit them in," and "According to source close to Texans, there appears to have been a shift in there FA strategy over the last 3-5 days." The latter statement caused Lance to ask rhetorically, "Something big coming?"

After the jump, a quick run down of what-could-this-all-mean scenarios.

1. The Texans are clearing cap space to re-sign Mario Williams. Look, I realize that I'm terribly biased and also probably deluding myself, but I am holding out hope (at least until 3pm) that this is the correct answer.

2. The Texans want to sign Peyton Manning. Please, no. Please? I said PLEASE!

3. Rick Smith is on drugs. I have no basis for this, but we want to be thorough in our possibilities.

4. The cap situation was worse than we thought, and these have simply been necessary cuts.

5. Nothing.

6. [Insert your own theory here]