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Free Agency Open Thread 2: The Cap Strikes Back

"No, John, I won't talk about RG3 or Bud Adams."
"No, John, I won't talk about RG3 or Bud Adams."

It's nearing midnight in the only time zone that matters and nothing has really changed for your Houston Texans. Sure, Mario Williams visited Buffalo, but it wasn't Toronto so he's moving on. Where is his next visit? Some are saying those empty pastures in Jacksonville will be Mr. Williams' next stop.

Chris Myers, your beloved free agent center, still thinks he is Nick Mangold and is talking to Tennessee and Houston. What happened to Green Bay? Perhaps they didn't view him worthy of Mangold money? Color me stunned.

Mike Brisiel? Mum's the word. Jacoby Jones? Still a Texan. The salary cap? Still equal parts confounding and confusing. If you're a capologist please make your way to Reliant Stadium.

This is your fifth open thread to talk into the wee hours of the night and early hours of the morning. Who knows? Maybe Santa Smith will deliver a nice present to you, but he's more likely to cut you in your sleep.