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Report: Peyton Manning Chooses Denver Broncos

Chris Mortenson and Adam Schefter report:

Peyton Manning will become the next quarterback of the Denver Broncos, barring a snag during intensified contract negotiations that have commenced under the instruction of the four-time MVP to his agent Tom Condon, according to multiple sources.

Once the Manning deal becomes official, Denver will try to trade Tim Tebow, according to sources.

What will be the terms of Peyton's new contract with Denver?

A contract between the two sides is expected to be a formality. Elway and Manning first discussed the parameters of a five-year, $95 million contract during their March 9 meeting in Denver, the first time the quarterback visited a team during his free agency.

That's a lot of cheddar, though it's fair if Peyton can be Peyton again. Whether he can be, well...we'll have to see about that.

The best part? Bud Adams successfully held his own franchise hostage during the first week of free agency because he ordered his people to chase Peyton Manning. That is, in a word, glorious.