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Free Agency Open Thread IX: And Now The Dominoes Fall

Well, Peyton Manning chose the Broncos. That means free agency's over, right? Right? What do you mean there are OTHER free agents still on the market? And other teams?! What lunacy is this? At any rate, we're not devoid of stories now that the man with the prominent forehead has taken himself off the market.

Will a scorned Alex Smith find it in his heart to forgive the 49ers for running around with Peyton Manning behind his back? Will he sign with Cleveland just to show them what for? (Spoiler: No, nobody's desperate enough to sign in Cleveland).

Will we laugh as heartily about David Garrard signing with the Miami Dolphins after whiffing on their primary free agent targets and Jeff Fisher? Does Jeff Ireland not bathe and that's what's keeping free agents out? Since Vince Young can't find a job, does this mean he no longer just winz gamez?!

And we can't forget the new mindless blather that we'll be subjected to: Which poor/dumb soul will make the trade for one Tim Tebow? Since we will likely expect ESPN to be covering this 24/7 now, I advise you do the decent thing and just pitch your TV out the window.

Oh, and the Traitors screwed themselves over in free agency. Yes, this still makes me smile.

And now we resume our free agency watch, already in progress. If you have any free agency thoughts, news, possible Texans moves, or want to continue laughing at the Traitors or the Dolphins or Vince Young, then have at it!