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2012 BRB Community Mock Draft - Introduction

Collectively, this is you.  This is your concerned face.
Collectively, this is you. This is your concerned face.

Hi, I'm bfd, and you might remember me from blogs such as "Reigning Champion of Awesome" and "101 Ways to Deal with Your Megalomania." A couple weeks ago, Our Dear Leader asked for y'all to vote on your preferred type of Mock Draft format, and Community-style won by a slim margin. Sadly, my preferred method, Chicken "Poop" Mock, finished a distant third. But it was such a tight vote! I wonder if we can do something about that.

Because we're running out of time, we'll be doing a pick every day (if I have to miss a day, we'll just do two the following day). For some simple guidelines, try to go for a pick you believe the team needs* in order to make the mocking more realistic. However, to make it incredibly unrealistic, we will neither allow trades nor even have it as an option. Because it's my game and I make the rules and I'm going to take my ball and go home if you don't like it, that's why. However, trades are definitely a discussion point in the comments. A few more notes after the jump.

Here's an example of how this'll work (for a chuckle, check out the last comment). With every poll, I'll also request a list of players for the next team. For the non-Texans fans hanging around BRB, please feel free to chime in with thoughts on your team and enlighten us with your wisdom.

The Indianapolis Colts are on the clock. There are two obvious player suggestions (Art Schlichter and Curtis Painter), but whom else should be on the Colts' poll?

Yes, I am just going to softball it in like that.

* May or may not apply to the BE-SFs.