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2012 BRB Mock Draft--Sign Up

"It still ain't too late for Quincy Carter!  You just wait!"
"It still ain't too late for Quincy Carter! You just wait!"

While I did ponder calling this entire thing off after seeing so many people attempt to call dibs on teams when I specifically said there would be a separate post for that, I decided the better course of action would be to simply lament the complete lack of reading comprehension that has invaded this site and to punch walls accordingly.

Thus, as promised yesterday, this is the sign-up post for the 2012 BRB Mock Draft. Please sign up in the Comments if you're interested in fake GMing a team, or being a part of a fake front office. A list of the draft order is after the jump. We'll update the list to reflect who is representing each team later today or tomorrow.

1. Indianapolis Colts
2. Washington Redskins (from St. Louis)
3. Minnesota Vikings
4. Cleveland Browns
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
7. Jacksonville Jaguars
8. Miami Dolphins
9. Carolina Panthers
10. Buffalo Bills
11. Kansas City Chiefs
12. Seattle Seahawks
13. Arizona Cardinals
14. Dallas Cowboys
15. Philadelphia Eagles
16. New York Jets
17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland)
18. San Diego Chargers
19. Chicago Bears
20. Tennessee Titans
21. Cincinnati Bengals
22. Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta)
23. Detroit Lions
24. Pittsburgh Steelers
25. Denver Broncos
26. Houston Texans--BRB Staff
27. New England Patriots (from New Orleans)
28. Green Bay Packers
29. Baltimore Ravens
30. San Francisco 49ers
31. New England Patriots
32. New York Giants

Note that the Raiders, Falcons, or Saints do not have first-round draft picks this year, so don't bother volunteering for GM duty on their behalf.