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With The First Pick Of The 2012 BRB Mock Draft, The Indianapolis Colts Select...

And away we go! After the jump, Cassieper hands the Colts' virtual card in.

Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford.

There was no debate about this pick among the resident Colts fans here, as Luck was the unanimous choice among us for this first pick. Seeing as Peyton Manning is not a Colt anymore and Drew Stanton is not exactly what you would call a franchise QB, it's safe to say that QB is the biggest need for the Colts. It's now become a situation of when the Colts will sign Luck instead of if the Colts will sign him, and it is the right choice.

While it's become popular recently to hype up RG3, it's easy to forget why Luck has been the consensus first pick both last year and this one. If you need a little reminder, check out the throw at :35 of this video. While RG3, from what I've read, is considered to have a higher ceiling than Luck and will probably end up being a great player in his own right, Luck is the more pro-ready player and is the franchise player the Colts need to usher in the next era. For these types of picks, the decision often turns to overanalysis. This decision should be and is easy. Andrew Luck is the pick.

Thanks to Cass and his fellow Colts fans for turning in the pick on time and getting our draft started on the right foot. The Redskins are now on the clock (even though I have already received their pick and scheduled it to post at 4 p.m. CDT).