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With The Third Pick Of The 2012 BRB Mock Draft, The Minnesota Vikings Select...

I went to the horse races a few weeks ago, and I hit a fairly awesome trifecta that included picking the longshot to finish second and the favorite to finish third.. The problem---at least from the standpoint of how much this race paid---was that there were only five horses in the race due to some late scratches. Apparently, this factors into the trifecta payout, simply because there aren't near as many possibly permutations for the first three horses as there would be in a race with a full slate of 10 horses.

Using my $5 payout on a $1 bet as a guide, if the BRB mock were a horse race, a $1 trifecta ticket in this context would be worth about---carry the one . . . pi . . . minus weightspeed---17 cents. After the jump, theSpaceCityKid rounds out our top three.

Matt Kalil, OT, USC

The Vikings have a lot of needs they wish they could fill here with Kalil, Morris Claiborne and Justin Blackmon all there for the taking. Blackmon is a member of a deep WR class, but Claiborne fills a giant need in a pass-happy division, so it will be difficult decision to pass on him. However, nothing will haunt the Vikes more in the long run than passing on a stud LT in Kalil, and keeping Ponder healthy while they re-tool is the number one priority. Also, drafting Matt Kalil here will fill two needs by giving Minnesota the ability to slide Charlie Johnson over to RT or G to solidify the Oline for years.

The Cleveland Browns on are now on the clock.