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With The Fourth Pick Of The 2012 BRB Mock Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select...

While the Vikings could surprise some people with the third pick, the Browns at No. 4 are where the real uncertainty starts. Who will they choose?

I don't know. But I do know who WreckNTexan would choose if he was running the Browns. Hit the jump, and you'll know too.

Trent Richardson (RB--Alabama).

While Justin Blackmon is an intriguing prospect, I can't justify the 4th overall pick on him. Browns fans told me they would rather take a WR then a RB at 4, but I just can't agree with them. Richardson will alleviate some of the pressure on Colt McCoy and give Cleveland's WCO a true threat out of the backfield. With the WR depth in this class and a second pick in the first round (No. 22 overall), taking the best RB in the draft was pretty much a no-brainer here.

Reaction, BRB? Would you have taken Blackmon? Ryan Tannehill? Webster Slaughter? Comment, por favor.