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With Arian Foster Signing, Will The Texans Even Use The Franchise Tag Today?

With this morning's glorious news that Arian Foster has inked a long-term deal to stay in Houston, will your Houston Texans even utilize the franchise tag they have available to them before today's 3 p.m. CST deadline?

I'm guessing no. More after the jump.

Given the respective costs of franchising Mario Williams and Chris Myers, coupled with the Texans' cap situation, I can't see them tagging either of those guys. Mike Brisiel is certainly a candidate to re-sign with the Texans, but no way he's getting tagged. As the last two hours before the franchise tag deadline tick down, make your feelings known in the poll and expound upon them in the Comments.

Much, much more on Arian Foster's new deal to come later today/tonight. In short, I freaking love it; thought it was a masterstroke by Rick Smith and a very heady move by Arian Foster and his representatives.