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No Texans Franchised, And Some Quotes In The Aftermath Of Arian Foster's New Deal

The 3 p.m. CST deadline to franchise players has come and gone without your Houston Texans slapping anyone with a tag. No real surprise there. After the jump, you get some quotes from Gary Kubiak and Mike McCartney (Arian Foster's agent) about Arian's new deal.

"I’m very happy for Arian, I’m very happy for us" coach Gary Kubiak said. "This is well deserved. Arian has worked so hard to get to this point. He played at the minimum,and he handled the situation the right way. He’s been very, very productive and I’m glad he was rewarded."

"I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Rick and Chris for getting this done," McCartney said. "Rick and I had kept up a good dialogue for the last two years. Then we started in earnest after the combine. We put our egos aside, and over the weekend, we got within striking distance."

"As you can imagine, Arian is thrilled," McCartney said. "He never talked about his contract. He handled it in a first-class way. I think the Texans made it a priority to reward that.

"Arian loves Houston and the team. He didn’t want to leave. I’m just thrilled for Arian."

It says a lot about how productive Arian Foster has been, and even more about how he carried himself after his breakout season in 2010, that Texans fans seem uniformly thrilled about him getting paid. It's a very good deal for the Texans, too, considering what some other RBs have managed to pull down in the last season or two.

Now...what happens with Mario Williams, Chris Myers, Mike Brisiel, Joel Dreessen, and Neil Rackers?