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An Instant And Premature Reaction To The Houston Texans' 2012 Schedule

Gary Kubiak talks about how important it is to be resilient through adversity.  Like the Florida Panthers.
Gary Kubiak talks about how important it is to be resilient through adversity. Like the Florida Panthers.

The release of the NFL schedule is really a curious thing. It's not like the announcement that there will be games is significant in itself (that's soooo 2011). The opponents were already known -- even whether a game was home or away. The only thing actually being revealed is the order of the games and the times (which, let's face it, is only interesting if they're prime time games).

Yet the release of said schedule is still a significant enough event to require a three hour special on the league's own network and immediate reaction from every pundit, player, coach, beat man, expert, fan, and casual acquaintance.

Oh... and blogger too.

The Texans 2012 NFL schedule is out and with four prime time games and a Thanksgiving game, your Houston Texans will be on national television an astounding five times.

It's getting harder and harder to complain about that lack of national recognition.

It's a bit silly to try and estimate wins and losses at this point -- hell, the draft hasn't even happened yet -- but there are still interesting observations we can make regarding the schedule.
  • The Texans have one Sunday afternoon game in the month of October. I don't think this really means anything other than I'll be hitting the Red Zone channel more often.
  • As was mentioned many times in the open thread, four of the five nationally televised games are away. Well, until we get to the playoffs, that is.
  • For the fourth year in a row, the Texans will open the season at Reliant. This game will be against the Dolphins whom the Texans have never lost to (a fact that I constantly point out to my Dolphins loving family), so hopefully they can bring their opening day win streak to three games.
  • I can't tell you how thrilled I am that the Texans will be playing on Thanksgiving.
  • The Texans don't play the Colts until December 16th and then see them in two of the final three weeks.
  • It's interesting to see games on the Texans' schedule referred to as a "potential Super Bowl preview" or a "potential AFC Championship game preview." Interesting and awesome all at the same time. And no, I don't believe in curses.
  • November will be very entertaining. The month starts with Mario returning to Reliant. Then there's a Sunday night game in Chicago followed by a relatively boring game against Jacksonville before culminating with the Thanksgiving game.
  • I tend to prefer bye weeks later in the season as I think the players need it at that point, but the bye week after game seven is pretty good. Again, though, this is one of those things where you need to see how the season is unfolding to see whether it's beneficial or not.
  • How bout them Panthers!! Down three goals on the road? Whatever.