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With The Twenty-Eighth Pick In The 2012 BRB Mock Draft, The Green Bay Packers Select...

This has nothing to do with anything, but I'm putting it here because I can. There's a car commercial out right now that says (paraphrasing) that the Mayans think that the Earth's poles will reverse on December 21, 2012, and we'll all be launched into space. Even if you ignore the fact that the Mayans didn't actually predict that the world would end in 2012 or predict that the poles would switch on that day, this commercial is still highly annoying because it treats gravity and magnetism as the same thing. Gravity, of course, is a function of mass and distance (and a gravitational constant). None of those would change due to a polar switch.

(Here's where I would segue into a digression about the electronuclear force, of which magnetism is a part, and gravity and how finding a way to make the two compatible would answer one of the most famous unsolved problems in physics, but I'll spare you.)

Anyway, the Packers are up next in our mock draft. Who did they pick? HabitualHoustonFan tells you after the jump.

Whitney Mercilus (DE/LB--Illinois)

While it may not be as flashy as an umpteenth TE, it is the call of one Dom Capers. Green Bay has retained most of their offensive weapons and despite the age factor, will continue their offensive dominance even with their loss of Gilbin to Miami.

So with needs at LB, S and DE, the most likely immediate impact would be in the pass rush department. Whitney has the ability to be a hybrid OLB/DE depending on situations and we all know how a pass rush can improve the secondary. With a deep defensive draft, Green Bay will look to later rounds fill the S position.

But can he dance like B.J. Raji?

Up next, the Fightin' Flaccos, in the person of MD.Texan. Please email your pick to me and Tim by 1pm today.


1. Indianapolis Colts--Andrew Luck (QB--Stanford)
2. Washington Redskins (from St. Louis)--Robert Griffin III (QB--Baylor)
3. Minnesota Vikings--Matt Kalil (OT--USC)
4. Cleveland Browns--Trent Richardson (RB--Alabama)
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers--Dontari Poe (DT--Memphis)
6. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)--Justin Blackmon (WR--Oklahoma State)
7. Jacksonville Jaguars--Morris Claiborne (CB--LSU)
8. Miami Dolphins--Ryan Tannehill (QB--Texas A&M)
9. Carolina Panthers--Quinton Coples (DE--North Carolina)
10. Buffalo Bills--Luke Kuechly (LB--Boston College)
11. Kansas City Chiefs--David DeCastro (OG--Stanford)
12. Seattle Seahawks--Courtney Upshaw (LB--Alabama)
13. Arizona Cardinals--Michael Floyd (WR--Notre Dame)
14. Dallas Cowboys--Fletcher Cox (DE/DT--Mississippi State)
15. Philadelphia Eagles--Riley Reiff (OT--Iowa)
16. New York Jets--Melvin Ingram (LB-South Carolina)
17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland)--Dre Kirkpatrick (CB-Alabama)
18. San Diego Chargers--Shea McClellin (LB-Boise State)
19. Chicago Bears--Cordy Glenn (OG/OT--Georgia)
20. Tennessee Titans--Stephen Hill (WR--Georgia Tech)
21. Cincinnati Bengals--Mark Barron (SS--Alabama)
22. Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta)--Mohamed Sanu (WR--Rutgers)
23. Detroit Lions--Stephon Gilmore (CB--South Carolina)
24. Pittsburgh Steelers--Jonathan Martin (OT--Stanford)
25. Denver Broncos--Peter Konz (C--Wisconsin)
26. Houston Texans--Nick Perry (OLB/DE--USC)
27. New England Patriots (from New Orleans)--Coby Fleener (TE--Stanford)
28. Green Bay Packers--Whitney Mercilus (OLB/DE--Illinois)

29. Baltimore Ravens--MD.Texan
30. San Francisco 49ers--TexansDC
31. New England Patriots--NoSafetiesNeeded
32. New York Giants--DaGoaT