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With The Eighth Pick Of The 2012 BRB Mock Draft, The Miami Dolphins Select...

After a weekend hiatus, the 2012 BRB Mock Draft resumes in all of its glory. The Miami Dolphins, courtesy of OJ ATM, share their selection after the jump.

As much as I wanted Tarpton McTarpley here, I guess I'll have to settle for the next best player on the board.

Riddle Time: What's better than David Garrard getting cut right before the season? David Garrard having to back up Ryan Tannehill (QB/WR-Texas A&M).

Yes, that says WR next to QB up there. This guy is a freak athlete. He was one of the best WRs on the Texas A&M football team while he played. He ran a 4.62 40 time coming off a right foot injury which had him sidelined for 2 months. Not only does this guy have great speed, he has the right body for the QB position in the NFL. He is 6"4 and 220 pounds. To put that in perspective, that's about the same as Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning. Off the field, Tannehill is extremely intelligen; he wants to be an orthopedic surgeon when he stops playing football, and has a 3.63 GPA with a major in Biology. He's a very bright kid who will learn the playbook with ease. Just because you're a smart athlete doesn't mean you can play the QB position, but Tannehill can. He is very accurate in his passes, can throw the deep ball very well, and knows when to get rid of it. There's no reason why he shouldn't succeed on the next level.

Why is he a good fit for Miami? Well, they need a quarterback, we all know how teams led by David Garrard do (Answer: Not very good). He will be their young quarterback of the future, and should fit in very will with the system, because his old A&M coach Mike Sherman is the new Offensive Coordinator for Miami.

How does Ryan Tannehill, top ten pick, strike you? The Panthers (and astrosbro95) are now on the clock, which means their pick must be turned into MDC and I via e-mail by noon CDT.