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Remember This When You Overreact To Whoever The Texans Take In The 2012 NFL Draft

Pictured:  How each and every Texans fan reacts to every Texans draft pick.
Pictured: How each and every Texans fan reacts to every Texans draft pick.

Last year, shortly before the 2011 NFL Draft started, I posted a look back at BRB reaction to the Texans' first-round picks from 2007-2010. In the interest of further pointing out what a dunce I am, I am re-publishing the relevant text and links from that post. Oh, and I'll add in my never-before-published reaction to the J.J. Watt pick last year (written the day after he was picked, but never published because I failed to finish the post, thanks to my son being only four days old at the time).


More later, but I love this pick. Trade would have been nice, but I'll definitely take The Phenom at No. 10. Defense has gotten a lot stronger.

Your eyes do not deceive you, friends. The legend is true. There was a time when I was positively giddy about Amobi Okoye being drafted by your Houston Texans. Remember this when I declare that whoever the Texans draft on Thursday night is a great pick.

2008 (Part I here, and Part II here)

Houston sent No. 18 to Baltimore and received their recently acquired first round pick (No. 26 overall), one of their third-rounders (No. 89 overall), and their sixth rounder (No. 173 overall).

It goes without saying, but I'm thrilled. Much more later...

And then...

Hmmmmm. I get that the guy is allegedly a good fit for the zone blocking system, but in the first round? With Brandon Flowers, Phillip Merling, and/or Kenny Phillips available? Unless you're hooked up to a Smithiak Kool-Aid IV drip, this raises eyebrows.

That said, remember Shake's sig line:

We can be critical of the draft picks, but in the end we always support the new Texan.

I need a(nother) drink. Discuss in the Comments below if you like.

I'd say that Duane Brown fellow has worked out pretty well for the Texans, wouldn't you?


Well, I hate this pick more than any other pick Smithiak has ever made. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. I hate life.

Vent as you see fit. I'm going to be catatonic until the second round.

This is one of my favorite things to re-read and re-post. It's a stunning exhibit of idiocy in almost every way imaginable. What's more is that I can remember being so despondent when the Texans drafted Brian Cushing. It was, in my estimable analysis, a truly horrendous pick. Now, three years later? I can't even think about what this defense would be like without him.


Deep breath. You with me? I'm good with your Houston Texans' decision to select Alabama CB Kareem Jackson with the twentieth overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Admittedly, I was confused (and remain confused) as to why Smithiak opted for Kareem over Kyle Wilson, Devin McCourty, and/or Dan Williams. But, as it's been repeated ad nauseam, I'm an amateur. Following the Texans is a passion and/or a hobby. Rick Smith, Gary Kubiak, and the rest of management get paid to make the calls. They're in the position they're in for a reason. Remember last year? I certainly do. We needed a cornerback. We got a cornerback. If Smithiak says Kareem Jackson was the best fit for your Houston Texans at No. 20, they get the benefit of my doubt.

Plus...many of you were geeked when we fake-drafted him in the second round. If you were cool with Kareem Jackson being one of your Houston Texans' first two picks, you may still be cool with it tomorrow night. Keep the faith.

For my money, this could well be the gold standard in blind BRB justification for moves the Texans make. I remember, clear as day, being downright confused--not angry--when the Texans picked Ice Kareem. Soon thereafter, with the help of my trusty Coors Light, I justified the heck out of the pick. That's sure to happen on Thursday night, when the large segment of the community that hates the pick (and that will come to pass, no matter who the Texans draft) has some time to digest it. Come Friday, the majority of us will have convinced ourselves that the Texans made a shrewd move, regardless of whether it was actually shrewd or not.

Finally, here's what I wrote the day after the Texans drafted J.J. Watt last year (and for the sake of posterity, here is a link to the reaction thread when Watt was picked):

J.J. Watt: I think the bulk of the initial negativity surrounding the selection--and I'm as guilty of this as anyone--was a result of who was still available when the Texans went on the clock--Nick Fairley, Robert Quinn, and Prince Amukamara. I'm guessing that Fairley and Quinn weren't ever really possibilities for the Texans, due to physical maladies and/or character concerns. Amukamara, on the other hand, may have simply been the victim of an organization that wasn't willing to throw another first round DB into the fire. Or perhaps the Texans just didn't think Prince was going to be a great fit, either in their scheme or in an NFL secondary. The fact that Amukamara slid all the way to No. 19 might be some proof of the latter.

Now that I've had a little bit of time to digest the Watt pick, I'm in Rivers' camp. I think Watt will be a good professional football player, and I'm very intrigued by the flexibility/versatility Watt gives Wade Phillips; whether it's Watt, Antonio Smith, or Earl Mitchell, the thought of one or all of those guys sliding inside on passing downs could be a lot of fun to watch.

One season in, I cannot and do not want to imagine a Houston defense that doesn't feature J.J. Watt. When the pick was initially made, I remember remarking to a buddy that the pick made no sense unless Wade Phillips planned on standing Mario Williams up. Lo and behold, that's exactly what happened, and Watt was a revelation. If nothing else, it's prudent to remember that the Texans' draft does not occur in a vacuum. Further roster additions, subtractions, and adjustments are coming, no matter who is drafted this weekend.

To close, I'll paraphrase what I wrote last year. None of us really have a clue what we're talking about. The draft will take its course, and the picks will ultimately be judged by their onfield prowess, not the visceral reaction each pick elicits from the fan base. BRB is a place to sound off with your reactions--both immediate and after you've had a chance to digest what happened--but remember that we're all Texans fans, and we'll support whoever the team takes once the 2012 season starts.

Let's enjoy this for what it is. A separate post on exactly what we're planning to do to cover the draft will go up later today.