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Introduce Yourself To BRB

Every few months, we here at BRB like to create a post where lurkers can step from the shadows and introduce themselves and/or current members of the community can re-introduce themselves. With the insanity that is the NFL Draft on deck, I'm guessing there are a number of people reading who haven't registered an account to comment, or have registered and simply haven't said anything yet. This is our formal invitation to you to join the conversation. And for those of you been around for a while, kindly let the new members know what you're about. Ideally, the whole community will comment on this post.

Why we do such a crazy thing? Because, as BFD so wisely once wrote, " call yourself a Texans fan takes a special breed, one hardened against the elements like a cattle driver in the days of yore. Some may question our endless desire for masochism or perhaps the fact we may not be playing with a full deck, but none may question our loyalty or fandom."

So, tell us all about you. Don't be shy; we're all fans here. I'll get things started after the jump.

On BRB, my name is Tim. In real life, I go by TexansRuleBudAdamsDroolz O'Flannshaughnessy. I'm married to a wonderful woman who really should have done better for herself than me, and I have a one-year old son who is beyond fantastic in every possible way (except that he still uses diapers, but I'm willing to give him a pass on that...for now). Oh, and I have the world's greatest dog. I'm extraordinarily fortunate, which I try to remember when Jacoby Jones muffs punts and I teeter on the brink of madness.

In terms of sports, as you've probably picked up if you've been here for any amount of time, I take what your Houston Texans and The University of Texas do far too seriously. I also consider myself a fan of the Astros and Rockets, but neither gets me riled up like the Horns and Texans do. While the 'Stros used to have that sort of hold over me, I've accepted that it's going to take every bit of three to five years before they're decent again, so I keep that in check at the moment.

I grew up in Katy, moved to Austin for college, and came back to Houston for trade school. I realized the other day that this means I've been back in Houston for more than 10 years; this makes me both happy and older than I feel. Not BFD old, but you understand.

In lieu of me rambling on any further, I pass the microphone to you. Introduce yourself.