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Newest Texan: Devier Posey

Like it or not, he's a Texan
Like it or not, he's a Texan

I'm not going to lie. I've done more work on my lawn this year than I have in preparing for the draft (Note: I haven't done much work on my lawn). That said, I'm far from alone in not knowing much about the Texans most recent draft pick: WR Devier Posey.

Many expected the Texans to select a wide receiver, but I don't recall anyone mocking Posey to the Texans (though in fairness, I didn't look at a whole lot of round 3 mocks with us picking in the fifth spot).

Reaction in the open thread was... ahem... less than kind and if the reaction at 360 was similar at all, well, let's just say those guys probably just sold a few more drinks.

All of this hatred points to one thing: He'll probably be awesome

Posey was a receiver from Ohio State who was suspended in the infamous tattoo scandal (oh the horror!) and then suspended for five more games for being paid for work he did not actually do (which doesn't sound so bad... I slack off at work all the time and still get paid).

According to The Lantern, Posey actually had early round talent but probably fell on draft boards because of the lack of senior year playing time and the questions regarding his off the field troubles.

Right after the pick, Mike Mayock said that Posey has excellent body control and was an excellent downfield blocker. His combine results were good to average with nothing really standing out and nothing really raising a red flag either.

All in all, it seems that Posey has plenty of talent, but the biggest question is that he doesn't have the greatest hands (which is kind of a big deal for a wide receiver).

One thing to consider in this whole thing is that Smithiak are loathe to bring on players with character issues, so this means that a) they don't consider these character issues to be that big a deal, and b) they feel that his potential upside makes the pick worth the risk.

That makes me think that Kubes and Smith feel that they've found good value in this pick, though that "hands" thing has me a bit concerned.