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2012 NFL Draft: Day Three Open Thread - V 1.0

"Yeah, I'm planning on being Mercilus...GET IT?!"
"Yeah, I'm planning on being Mercilus...GET IT?!"

What? There are some people still here? You are still interested in finding out who your Houston Texans are taking in rounds four, five, six, and, maybe, seven? We've got you covered you draft addict Houston fanatics.

I imagine today we will see the Texans pick up, in no particular order, another wide receiver, an offensive tackle, a defensive end or nose tackle, and a kicker (hi, Randy Bullock, star of "The Draft's Worst Kept Secret"). There is also the little rumor of the Texans wanting to trade wide receiver/punt returner/kick returner Jacoby Jones.

UprootedTexan and I are here to help bring the coverage home for the day as we scratch our heads collectively at prospects we never heard of and then try and sound knowledgeable on each prospect. For us, the Texans get action started early with the fourth overall pick in the fourth round.

Regardless of what happens today know this: our team didn't take a linebacker afraid of contact or a punter in the third round.