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Meet The Newest Texan: Houston Takes Ben Jones


With the 99th overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, your Houston Texans selected Ben Jones, center from the University of Georgia.

My quick initial thoughts on the selection are below the jump.

This is a curious selection as they did re-sign center Chris Myers and just drafted another interior lineman in Brandon Brooks. However, the team now has a proper back-up if anything were to happen to Myers.

Ben Jones, 6'2'' and 303 pounds, is a four-year starter from Georgia and has led the line since day one of his arrival. The senior captain somewhat mirrors Myers as he's not ox-strong but he makes the seal and gets in the way of his defender. In the brief highlights I've seen, he looks stiffer than I would like to see from a zone lineman, but he moves side-to-side very well and seems to have his head on a swivel looking for someone to block. Listening to Mayock, he describes him as a scrappy fighter, so we know what may have attracted Kubiak there.

Still, Jones is going to be able to back-up Myers and develop his strength and understanding of the zone concept. It's a solid pick by the Texans as they continue to rebuild line depth.

EDIT: Read about Jones from our friends at Dawg Sports.