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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Newest Houston Texan Is...

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So Randy Bullock walks into a bar and...
So Randy Bullock walks into a bar and...

Randy Bullock, Kicker, Texas A&M. I'll spare y'all from all the Aggie jokes that will ensue, there will be plenty of time for those later. I'll have more thoughts about our newest Aggie Texan after the jump.

Well, we did need a kicker, and, despite the school he attended, I like this pick. He's accurate from 40-49 yards out, which we couldn't necessarily say about certain other kickers we've seen in the past (yes, I'm talking to you Shankopotamus and Rackers). He led the nation as a senior in completed field goals and he won the Lou Groza award for best kicker in the nation, making 29 of 33 field goals last season. For his college career, he went 63/80 (.788)

But what I like most about him is this: A couple of weeks back, he was asked by Texans ST coach Joe Marciano about how he would handle what would happen if he had a slump as a professional kicker (which under Marciano's guidance, is not out of the realm of possibility. Fire Joe Marciano!). Bullock responded, without blinking an eye, "Coach, my dad died at 15. How much more adversity is there?" I like that. It shows that he's got a good head on his shoulders and he's less prone to psyching himself out, a common problem for kickers.

I know y'all have some thoughts on this pick, so go ahead and air them out here.