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Meet The Newest Texan: Houston Selects Nick Mondek

What do you mean I love the Big Ten?
What do you mean I love the Big Ten?

With the 195th overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, your Houston Texans picked Nick Mondek, tackle from Purdue.

My initial thoughts on the pick after the jump.

First, and let's get this out of the way now, the Texans love themselves some Big Ten players. Mondek's the fifth player in this draft class to come from a Big Ten school. Our friends at Hammer and Rails have written up a piece on Mondek this weekend, so give that a read as well.

As for Mondek, the 6'6'' 304 pound tackle, he is not a surprise as he worked out for the Texans in a private workout. At Purdue, Mondek played defensive tackle before making the switch to offensive right tackle and guard, so he brings the versatility that the Texans like in their linemen. Obviously, with the position switches, Montek is still raw and learning the finer points of being a lineman.

Mondek will join a crowded battle for second-team guard spots with third round pick Brandon Brooks, Shelley Smith, and Austin Thomas and/or a battle with Andrew Gardner and Derek Newton for reserve tackle spots. The Texans clearly saw line depth as an issue and made it a point to solve it.