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Texans' 2012 Preseason Schedule Announced

Via John McClain, we now know your Houston Texans will open their preseason at Carolina. The Texans' third game (a/k/a "as-close-to-the-regular-season-as-it-gets-in-the-preseason") will be aired on national television. Who will they be playing? Will it be at Reliant, or will Houston season ticketholders get jobbed even worse than usual when paying regular season prices for preseason product? Why am I needlessly manufacturing anticipation when it's just the preseason? Jump and find out!

The preseason schedule is:

First Preseason Game: @ Panthers
Second Preseason Game: 49ers
Third Preseason Game: @ Saints (broadcast nationally)
Final Preseason Game: Vikings

Dates and times of those games will be announced at a later date. Speaking of announcements coming at a later date, it won't be long until we learn the Texans' regular season schedule. Between that and the ever approaching 2012 NFL Draft, that oasis may not be a mirage after all!