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Will James Casey Be A Texan In 2013?

Trying to tackle James Casey can be hazardous to one's health.
Trying to tackle James Casey can be hazardous to one's health.

Today's article on James Casey in the Chronicle got me thinking, especially as I was reminded that Thor is entering the last year of his rookie contract. Will your Houston Texans re-sign him, or is he bound for greener pastures after this season?

I don't think it's hyperbole to say that James Casey is the most versatile member of the Texans. He's a huge weapon in the passing game, and Kubes made it a priority to figure out a way to get him on the field last year (though it did appear to become less of a priority after Casey's injury).

In terms of what we can expect from Casey this year, Kubes has gone on record recently saying Casey will "play everywhere" in his role as the Texans' starting fullback and second tight end. With the departure of Lawrence Vickers and the relative inexperience remaining at fullback, it stands to reason that Casey should continue to get the lion's share of snaps at FB in 2012, particularly with the matchup problems he creates there. His time at tight end could conceivably decrease if Garrett Graham takes advantage of Joel Dreessen's departure, but that's far from a sure thing at the moment.

Casey could be in for a big year as his rookie deal expires, and if I was running a team in need of a tight end, I would strongly consider targeting him when free agency reopens in 2013. My question to you, then, is whether you think James Casey is about to embark on his last season as a Houston Texan. Or will the good guys bring him back with a multi-year deal?