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Texans Say No To Being Featured On HBO's "Hard Knocks"

Serenity now, Cush.
Serenity now, Cush.

This is interesting, if only because I seem to recall Bob McNair and/or the organization pushing hard to be the featured team on "Hard Knocks" a couple of years ago. The Texans were passed over then, so it would seem they'd jump at the opportunity to be featured now, especially after the success they had last season. What changed?

Could Wade Phillips, who has presided over the spectacle that is a team starring on "Hard Knocks" during his time as the head coach in Dallas, have talked Gary Kubiak and/or Bob McNair out of it? Is it simply a case of the Texans changing course and deciding the cameras following them around throughout training camp would do more harm and cause more distractions than good? Were the Texans afraid that Brian Cushing would in fact be declared non compos mentis and thus subject to possible league intervention if additional footage of him in action was aired?

What say you?