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Andre Johnson Has Knee Scoped, Will Reportedly Be Ready For Training Camp

What, me worry?
What, me worry?

Late last year, Andre Johnson supposedly hyperextended his left knee. Now word comes down that 'Dre had that knee scoped two weeks ago. He is not expected to be back before training camp, which means no 'Dre for OTAs or mini-camp.

'Dre says this is "nothing to panic about," and history says he may be on to something.

It's worth noting that Johnson missed the final seven games of the 2007 season with a left knee injury that required a scope that knocked him out of the 2008 OTAs. Johnson would go on to lead the NFL in receptions (115) and receiving yards (1,575) that season, but was 27 years old back then. Johnson will turn 31 in July.

As optimistic as Andre Johnson might be about his prospects, I'm very much in the wait-and-see camp on this one. He's had issues with this knee before, and we all know what happened with his hamstrings last year. I'm far from panicked, but I'm not dismissing this as a non-story.

How does this news strike you?