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Wade Phillips Talks About Saints Bounty Program, Whether He Wants To Be A Head Coach Again

He's more of a Brawny guy anyway.
He's more of a Brawny guy anyway.

Your beloved defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, was on Sports Radio 610 the other day. SRI has a link to the entire interview, as well as a partial transcript of the conversation. Looks like the chat encompassed several topics; I'll hit on a couple of 'em after the jump.

Do you have a desire to be a head coach again?

“I enjoyed being a head coach. I still feel like I did well as a head coach. I still have one of the winningest records in the league. At this point I am really happy being here. They have been great to me here and this has been…like you said being here I am more popular than anywhere I have ever been and I thought I did a good job in a lot of places.”

Never leave, Wade. Never. If you do, I'll hold my breath until you come back.

What were your first thoughts when you heard the Gregg Williams audio?

“Well I mean it made me sick. I just don’t believe in that. It’s something completely against what I believe in. I knew it wasn’t right certainly and I think that’s where you go.”

Wade Phillips don't need no bounty program. Wade simply lays out the game plan in a calm manner, walks out of the locker room, lets Brian Cushing run around headbutting and tackling his teammates for two minutes, and then watches the results once the game starts.