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What Should Houston Do With The Astrodome?

Every few years, there seems to be a bit of an uproar about what should be done with the Astrodome. Everyone has an opinion. Tear it down to create additional parking. Renovate it so it can be used as a stadium again. Turn it into a convention center. Or hotel. Or casino. Leave it alone entirely.

Yesterday, the debate raged anew, thanks to a fancy new study that suggested the Dome be renovated (in conjunction with a complete replacement of Reliant Arena) to the tune of $523,000,000.00 in taxpayer money. I'm curious as to what you think should be done with the Astrodome.

I realize keeping politics out of the discussion is asking a lot, but I'm asking you to keep politics out of the discussion. You can discuss the price tag, feasibility, and your opinion of the different options without making this a debate about the propriety of someone's political views. With that in mind, it's yours in the Comments.