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Checking The Pulse: Matt Schaub And A New Contract

I think Schaub gets an extension and stays in Houston.
I think Schaub gets an extension and stays in Houston.

It's Friday afternoon, and we're headed toward a long holiday weekend. Before we get there (if you're not there already), let's throw out a topic for discussion. Namely, the future of your Houston Texans at QB.

Matt Schaub is about to enter the final year of the six-year contract he signed after being traded to Houston in 2007. He's coming off a season-ending foot injury, and he'll presumably be looking for the last big pay day of his career. How do you see things shaking out for Schaub and the Texans?

Will Matt Schaub get an extension to stay in Houston? If so, what will be the terms of said deal?

Will the Texans tag him for the 2013 season? Keep in mind that this doesn't occur in a vacuum; the Texans have other players they need to address as well.

Will they let Schaub walk after the 2012 campaign? Are you that confident in T.J. Yates as Schaub's long-term replacement? If not Yates, then who?

These questions need answers. Share yours in the Comments below.