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Justin Forsett To Work Out For Texans

The next Texans' RB?
The next Texans' RB?

With a vacancy at that third RB spot, bringing in a young veteran like Justin Forsett to audition makes a whole lot of sense for the Texans. If anything, I'm a bit surprised that trying out for a RB3 spot in a place like Houston, where RB1 and RB2 are so firmly established, is already in the cards for Forsett. He had some buzz surrounding him in Seattle a couple of years ago before Marshawn Lynch arrived on the scene; of course, unemployed is unemployed, so you go where the jobs are.

Some quick analysis about Forsett's possible fit in Houston by Danny Kelly at Field Gulls and SB Nation Seattle is after the jump.

Still, if Forsett sticks in Houston, they'll be getting a reliable running back in pass protection on third downs that has a lot of experience in the zone-blocking scheme that Gary Kubiak runs down there. He's a consummate pro and I'm sure Seattle fans are rooting for him to find himself a home in with the Texans.

Seems like a good fit to me. You?