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To Bag Or Not To Bag, That Is The Question

Whether 'tis Nobler in the blog to suffer

The Polls and Queries of outrageous Readers,

Or to take Arms against a Summer of doldrums,

And by opposing end them: to write, to slack

No more; and by not slacking, to say we end

The bored-dom, and the thousand Interminable hours

That the offseason is heir to?

So, yeah . . . the Battle Red Bag is back. In addition to arousing all of the ladies in attendance, what this means is that it is once again time for you to send me your questions, statements, observations, paeans to Coors Light, and anything else you think might be bag-worthy. The email address remains mattycamp -at- gmail -dot- com, and please put something about "Bag" or "Battle Red Bag" or whatever in the subject line.

A couple quick programming notes related to the Bag: 1. It is going to run on Monday mornings now rather than Friday afternoons. 2. If the volume of questions is the same as it was earlier this year, we're going to have to move away from trying to answer at least part of every email that comes in. I'll let you know if/when we get there.

Finally, here's MS Paint John McClain. You're welcome.