Saturday Night Tunes: OK Hipster

Hey, everybody. Let's talk music for a wee bit, shall we? After all, that is why we gather at this here blog, right?

What's that? This is a football blog!? What the #@*$! That stuff's too macho, man. People hitting each other and such. That's just too violent. I'd rather lay in bed and listen to this song all day. That's when I feel most myself, man. Would you join me in singing the saddest song? That's when I feel most alive.

I've been exploring some of rock music's older treasures recently and have a ways to go with music from the '60s, '70s...and pretty much every decade, before I can consider myself a truly informed Rock lover. So, to start the conversation, here's some of what's captivated me over the past few months, a brief list of music mostly from the '60s, '70s, and '90s!

Don't join me after the jump. Join the music, maaaaan.

Stuff from Way Back

1) Love -- Forever Changes

If you are into Belle and Sebastian, or like-minded bands, this record is where it's at. And no, I do not mean "twee," or "sentimental" bands. Those are ineffective, categorical terms lazy critics use when they don't know what the hell else to say about the music. The songs here sound very pleasant (sometimes), but read into the lyrics and you'll find there's a lot more going on. There's some sweet guitar riffs to be had, as well. It's become a cult record of sorts (it wasn't very well received when it was released in '67) and its influence is obviously heard. Elements of psychadelic rock, folk, and even mariachi(!), this record has it all.

Love - Alone Again Or (via lostinstars1)

2) The Velvet Underground -- White Light/White Heat

I'm an absolute sucker for feedback. It's one of rock music's greatest triumphs. If a band uses feedback effectively, they've likely won me over. Who mastered this wonderful sound first? Jimi Hendrix? Lou Reed? I'm not sure. But it's f*cking amazing. Hence, this record's inclusion in this list. There's tons of abrasive and masterful guitar-work taking place here. "The Gift?" I can't stand John Cale's unreasonably monotonous voice. It pisses me off. I shouldn't like this song. I do, though, because Lou's background instrumental piece is insanely good and I know the band is trying to piss me off. Since they do that so effectively, they deserve kudos. Thanks, Lou, you genius of a jerk!

Velvet Underground - The Gift (via mnvUMass)

3) Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Uhh... I coined a phrase the other day while listening to this record. "Why pay for a spaceship when you can fly with Kraftwerk?" I'll leave it at that.

Kraftwerk - Kometenmelodie 2 (via scatmanjohn3001)

More "Recent" Stuff

1) Radiohead -- OK Computer

If you didn't catch the reference in this post's title, you know. Also, I'm not a f*cking "hipster." And neither is Jordan. Okay, okay, maybe he is. I don't even know what that word means. No one really does. "Hipster," just like "indie rock (Seriously, what the f*ck does that term mean? "Indie rock?" Is it any band signed to an independent label? So, even if two bands sound absolutely nothing alike, because of their existence on a freaking label fans of radio music aren't familiar with, they get lumped together under one category, misleading people entirely as to what the bands are about? I'm missing the logic.)," is a word (phrase) of the lazy human's language. Do you want to be a lazy human? I don't think so!

I don't know why, but I've never really checked out this much loved band. So, after being told I must experience my "Radiohead moment (and, later on in life, my horrible and dramatic Radiohead breakup)," I checked out OK Computer late last night. My reaction upon first listen? HOLY FREAKING SH*T, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT'S TAKING PLACE IN THESE SONGS, BUT IT'S ALL SO INCREDIBLE!!!! Then I listened to it again. Back-to-back listens. I've never done that with a record before, and on top of that, I usually suck at enjoying a record on the first go-around. Something about those 50 minutes of music sucked me in completely. Today, I listened to it for a third time. It's confusing, chaotic, fast-paced, varied...seemingly not even "rock music" at points, although its influences are apparent and it still, somehow, maintains its rock roots. At least, I think. I really have no idea. I could spend months with this thing and still not feel comfortable with my level of understanding of it. Here, my friends, is an example of a record, and band, that transcends musical genres. It can get a little overly emotional at times, but its artistic scope and greatness is undeniable.

Airbag - Radiohead (via uberalex90)

2) Beck -- Odelay

Another genre-jumper. The mixing in this record is beautiful. There's something here for everybody and even a Houston shout-out! "Going back to Houston/Do the hotdog dance/Going back to Houston/To get me some pants." What could it MEAN!?!?!?!?

Lord Only Knows (via multivitamins4all)

3) Sonic Youth -- The Destroyed Room

For those SY fans out there, this is a collection of B-sides and other goodies not found on studio albums...and some of it is pretty awesome. Like this 3 minute emotional roller coaster of noise. Unfortunately, copyright rules suck and I can't link to the song/video I want to. Check out "Beautiful Plateau." I probably should have placed Pavement's Slanted & Enchanted, or something else over this, given The Destroyed Room isn't a real LP, but...whatever.

Cool. Make some noise, BRB.