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Texans Sign Shayne Graham

Lose the Ravens gear, dude.
Lose the Ravens gear, dude.

Talk of this move was rumored earlier today, but I wasn't going to post about it until we got some sort of confirmation. If Mark Berman reports it, I'd say that's about as good as it gets.

Shayne Graham, late of the Baltimore Ravens, is now a member of your Houston Texans. While Graham's last few NFL stops have been for little more than a cup of coffee (by my count, the Texans will mark his fifth team in less than a year), handing the kicking job to a rookie was a dangerous proposition, so it's hard to see any harm in signing Graham, even if he's just a camp leg.

The Texans did not draft Randy Bullock in the fifth round to cut him. He will, barring a complete meltdown, be the kicker in 2012 (and presumably several seasons after that). Still, competition is always healthy, and bringing in a veteran to make sure Bullock earns the gig is a sound decision.

Your thoughts, BRB?