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Checking The Pulse: Post-Draft, How Do You Feel About Quarterback?

Bucky Richardson, Part Deux?
Bucky Richardson, Part Deux?

We already talked wide receiver, so let's talk about the guy(s) who are responsible for putting the ball in said wide receivers' mitts.

Your Houston Texans made their first QB-related move in mid-March with the release of Matt Leinart. Nevertheless, as expected, the Texans did not make much noise in the 2012 NFL Draft as it pertained to quarterback. They'll welcome a returning Matt Schaub and a playoff-tested T.J. Yates back, and there's no real question that each of those guys is firmly locked into QB1 and QB2 in 2012, respectively. Schaub and Yates are no David Carr and Tony Banks, but I reckon the Texans will muddle through.

The Texans did add a third quarterback in local legend/UDFA Case Keenum, and Keenum is thrilled to have the opportunity to stay in H-Town. There's already a sizable contingent of Texans fans who are invested in Keenum making the active roster; I don't see it happening, but the idea of a latter day Bucky Richardson Fever enveloping this town does hold some nostalgic appeal.

Gary Kubiak has also said he'd like to bring a fourth QB in to camp, though there's no real indication as to who that could be at this point.

How does the idea of Schaub/Yates/Keenum/Mystery QB grab you?