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Should Gary Kubiak's Contract Be For Any Longer Than Wade Phillips' Contract?

Not pictured:  Gary holding Wade Phillips' hand.
Not pictured: Gary holding Wade Phillips' hand.

The news that Bob McNair is ready to extend Gary Kubiak's contract has generated some good discussion. Just this morning, I was treated to a flurry of e-mails from one Texans fan questioning the wisdom of extending Kubiak at all. To support that point, Cleveland's decision to extend Romeo Crennel's contract after a successful 2007 campaign, only to fire him less than a year later after another abysmal season, was cited for the idea that extending after a single good year is not a wise move. I can appreciate that argument.

Romeo Crennel, however, did not have Wade Phillips on his staff.

I'm of the mind that Gary Kubiak's extension should mirror the length of any deal Wade Phillips has. In other words, if Wade is under contract through the 2014 season (and we have no idea what his contractual situation is, so I'm merely theorizing), Kubes' extension should be through the 2014 season. Granted, Gary Kubiak is going to be coaching a whole lot longer than Wade Phillips, but if I'm Bob McNair, I want to make sure that I've got some wiggle room in the event Wade decides to walk away from Reliant Park. As exciting as the 2011 season was, Kubes was the man who decided Richard Smith and Frank Bush were capable NFL defensive coordinators. All the Wade-Aid in the world can't erase that reality.

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