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Houston And Reliant Stadium To Bid On College Football's National Championship Game

The House That Kent Graham Built.
The House That Kent Graham Built.

While this story may only be tangentially related to your Houston Texans, it's June 27th, and fresh news about the good guys isn't exactly flying off the presses. We take the material where we can get it, and Houston's desire to host college football's national championship game at the same place the Texans play their home games qualifies.

The BCS is dead, and a four-team playoff system has been born. The national championship game will now be bid on by cities from around the country, and the powers-that-be behind Reliant Stadium say they're going to make a pitch.

"We wanted to be ready, we wanted to be aggressive and ensure we are using all of the relationships — both nationally and locally — we can, to ensure that Houston is at least in the forefront of people's minds," Schmees said.

"I think Houston is well-positioned. We have a great venue and the best sports fans in my opinion. And we do have the support of the community. You put all that together and I think we can be very competitive."

Your reaction to the arrival of a college football playoff system? Or the possibility of Reliant Stadium hosting a national championship game?